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What if the key to the life we long for is to realize that our heart is not a pump?

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A small group of acclaimed scientists and doctors disprove the century-old idea we all take for granted: that our heart is a pump. Instead, they found that it stops the blood flow, creates vortices, send more information to the brain than vice versa and synchronizes us to the ‘heartbeat’ of our beautiful planet earth.

Could it be that not with our brilliant brains, even enhanced with artificial intelligence, but rather by realizing the true function of our hearts we will find solutions to the heart-breaking health, social and other problems we are facing worldwide?

In this film, we explore our human life from before the first heartbeat to beyond the last heartbeat. We weave together ground-breaking scientific research, the wisdom of a Sufi master, an ancient myth about our planet and intimate personal experiences from people of all walks of life, to show you why this mysterious pulsing organ is the key to all we ever longed for.

There are only two things that could prevent us from having paradise on this planet. Our belief that more mind and technology is what we need. And our conditioning to ignore most of what we feel, meaning what our heart tells us.


I share a wish with everyone that I met throughout my life: To live in a world where we all live in a peaceful, healthy environment and have a fulfilled life. But this is far from the world we have today … Many people today believe that if we invent and use more technologies, we’ll soon have the life we all long for. Yet despite ever-increasing technification, seemingly more and more people struggle with war, poverty, loneliness, chronic disease, and other heart-breaking situations.

We believe that we humans can solve all of our current problems and create the world we long for. And based on the research, discoveries, and anecdotal evidence we will show you in this film we suggest that this starts by realizing the true purpose and potential of our hearts.

But we might not have much time left. Some of the most notable thinkers of our times are concerned that artificial intelligence might be our last invention, meaning the end of humanity as we know it. What will happen to us once we start modifying our brains with technology? Maybe now is our last chance to find the real purpose of our hearts before we are convinced that evolution means becoming AI augmented humachines.


Created by a team of filmmakers who have worked on Oscar-nominated and Sundance winning films, Dawn of Hearts is a poetic science documentary that will forever change the way you see your heart, yourself and life.


Our vision is to co-create a world where we live together based on heartfelt connection with ourselves, each other and the planet, despite all our differences. Our mission is to …

1) Increase awareness that our heart is not a pump
2) Ignite a discussion on the true purpose &potential of our hearts
3) Encourage viewers to improve their heart health & activate the full potential of their hearts
4) Inspire teachers to implement easy to use, no-cost approaches to increasing the heart connection with and of their students
5) Collect, preserve and present indigenous knowledge and wisdom about our hearts from around the world

If you like our vision and would like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you!


We hope to inspire teachers worldwide to change our educational system, which is nearly exclusively focused on training our minds, to equally facilitate the full potential of their student’s hearts.

Towards that goal, we offer all high schools around the world in low GDP countries FREE streamings/downloads of this documentary for classroom screenings.

If you like our vision and mission, please share it with those people who you think might like it too!

Pulsing impressions of life, maybe memories, maybe a life to come … holding hands, a gentle kiss, giving birth, the first steps in life, tears of heartbreak, looking to the stars, war, and destruction, growing old, entering a hospital … impressions dancing to the eternal rhythms of our hearts.

We begin our journey where sadly too many of us end up. In a hospital waiting for her heart surgery, an elderly woman tells us how she feels. Asking the surgeon about the role our heart has the answer is what we all expected: Our heart is a pump.

But as we visit Li, the young Ph.D. student and film his last experiment we became a witness of an unbelievable scenery; blood moves without a heart pumping it. He is investigating the effect that infrared light has on the blood flow.

Prof. Pollack is Li’s mentor, and the world’s leading water expert has published a ground-breaking book on water that helps explain this mind-boggling observation. In his laboratory at the University of Washington he and his team often challenge staid dogmas with fresh ideas and revolutionary findings that upset the status quo. He shares the tentative conclusions from their research with us “It is astonishing to think that it’s not just your heart that’s driving everything but it could also be light energy.”

A century ago Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture and anthroposophical medicine made a provocative statement. For humanity to evolve three ‘things’ need to happen. One of them is that we have to realize that our heart is not a pump.

His teachers sometimes called him Doubting Thomas because he had such a hard time accepting authority figures. Especially if the answer to “Why?” was “Because someone said so.” Nearly 40 years ago, in his early twenties, Thomas Cowan, a medical doctor from San Francisco stumbled upon Steiner’s work. He did not understand it at first, but today he can explain why it is absurd to think the heart is a pump and what it’s real purpose is

As we continue to paint a new portray of this pulsing mystery in our chest, we visit the renowned Institute of Heartmath. Dr. McCraty has spearheaded cutting-edge studies that were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

His mind-bending research shows that our hearts energetic field is many times stronger than that of our brains. A mother’s brainwave can synchronize to the baby’s heartbeat. Our heart has its own memory and sends more information to our brain than vice versa. Uplifting emotions help our brain to solve problems, be more creative and make good decisions. Via our heart, we can access information beyond the confines of time and space and last but not least his studies show that we are truly connected. To each other and this planet, via our hearts

But the scientific approach to investigating reality is just one path. Using your own consciousness to explore the nature of existence is another. “As the heart begins to awaken, we begin to experience that this whole life is animate. Nothing is random, nothing is purely accidental. Everything is part of our own, if I may say so, individually designed curriculum of the heart.”

Kabir Helminksi, a Suf master and Rumi translator who has vast personal experience of the mystical dimensions of the life explains how our heart is the instrument that connects us to an aspect of reality that our minds cannot access.

While these subject matter experts tell stories that will redefine how we see and treat our hearts we believe that we are all important puzzle pieces of this breath-taking and challenging mystery called existence. And so, we’ll also talk to people from all walks of life, a young couple in love, fresh parents, kids in school and a sweet older couple to discover the magic of our hearts.

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In this section you will find valuable resources to help you take care of your heart. There are many great books, doctors, researchers, institutes and films that can help you deepen your understanding and connection to your heart.
The more we all live in emotional, physical and spiritual alignment with our hearts the faster we’ll have the world we all long for.



Dr. Cowan’s ground-breaking book about our heart and the true cause of heart attacks. Easy to understand for everyone.


Dr. Furst’s academic book presents clinical evidence that do not fit the standard pressure-propulsion mold. Meaning our heart is not a pump.


The HeartMath Institute has developed reliable, scientifically validated tools that help people improve their emotional balance, health and performance.


Find heart experts and advice on the leading clinical information resource Naturopathic Doctor News and Review (NDNR) for naturopathic physicians in North America.


Ronna Prince’s documentary explores a critical realization: We cannot heal what we don’t feel. This is the guiding paradigm for an era with healthy hearts.

spiritual singles

If you are looking for an evolved, heart-centered relationship, SpiritualSingles is the oldest, largest exclusively conscious dating site online.


Kabir Helminski’s work and translation of Rumi’s work will help you to discover the deeper aspects of your heart and experience the mystery of life.


Medical doctor Laura Koniver is an expert helping you take care of your heart health with grounding and an intuitive approach to health.


From December 2017 on this section will feature all those wonderful people who backed our crowdfunding campaigns.

Thank you all for supporting our vision and the production of this movie. With people like you our hearts have a chance to take all of us into a healthier world!

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